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ANNNND We Are Back Racing!!!

As we know last year was a bust on multiple levels. Racing being cancelled, rides being shut down and the country being locked up with nothing to do. The year started with a bunch of uncertainty are races going to happen or not? How do I train, or do I even train for the possibility of not being able to race again? With a month before, finally we got the go ahead for Tour of St. Louis. Time to start training. I cant tell you how excited I was to race and meet some new teammates! Probably the most excited I've been to start a season off in about 10 or so years. With the excitement came nerves (which I cannot remember the last time I had nerves before a race). Usually its just roll to the line and go without thinking. This was different, how do I put my number on, pacing back and forth trying to figure out my pre race plan. The butterflies in the stomach. These feeling were so foreign to me as I've been doing this for so long and just became routine. The past year off really through me for a loop. The prerace jitters had me going the bathroom about 3 times in 15 minutes before I hit the line. We got our pre race instructions and the whistle blew. As soon as I got clipped into my pedal, all of those nervous feeling just went away. We were back racing!!! My goal was to finish both races and do whatever I could to help the team out. I was very shocked how I felt on the weekend my training was on point and felt confident in the field. The boys did an excellent job. All of us from Craig to Zach and Ian, all were super aggressive. Following moves, going off the front solo, and brining back breaks. We managed to get Zach in the money and kept all of our skin.

I would say that was a successful weekend of racing. For not doing anything in over a year.

Cant wait till the next one!

Shane Feehery


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