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SCW/Autobahn Early Spring Racing Series



SCW will host a Spring Practice Series at the Joliet Autobahn for 4 consecutive Tuesdays. The idea is to get some solid racing in your legs in a safe, fun, and comfortable venue.


The races will follow the classic SCW Tuesday Series Template: Races start at 6PM, are separated into A & B categories, and no one will be pulled. Registration is day-of.


There will be 3 races each night. For the first 2 Tuesdays each race will be 30min timed, the second half of the series will have one 45min race between 2 30min races (at this time of year we struggle with available daylight, races will be shortened if necessary)


Total points will be added each night and the top 3 winners from each category will win one large-format micro brewery beer. Juniors, it's root beer for you.


Registration at the North tower and opens at 5:15 pm. One day licenses available for $15 in addition to race fee. Race address 3795 Centerpoint Way, Joliet, IL 60436. The race uses both courses. Stop in the guest house for a wrist band.


Race Fee:$20


2021 Dates: TBD


As anyone who has raced at the Autobahn can tell you, it's great. It's wide open and very safe, with a surface that is carefully maintained. It's the kind of place you're happy you made the sacrifice once you get there (once you get rolling you're there before you know it) Everyone is invited.


More information will be posted as we get closer, but start thinking about it now.


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