Ride Recap Brothers Ride 24

This summer was such a drag for riding. I was not motivated at all with no racing going on. So I thought to myself I got to do something to become interested in riding again. Talking with Monk he was having the same mindset as me. What's the point of getting on the bike and killing yourself for nothing? We threw some ideas around jokingly, what about a 24hr ride? "Yeah that would be epic" I said without thinking much of it. A few weeks went by still with the same mentality about being on the bike. I got a call from my brother saying lets actually do this. Let's ride for a few causes Alzheimer's Disease and Veteran Suicide Awareness. Before I could say yes the IG page was made and the donatio

1st Century in Over 30+ Years

October 9th is a day to remember for multiple reasons, two brother sent off on a 24 hour adventure Brothers Ride 24 to raise funds and awareness for Veteran Suicide and Alzheimer's disease. Leading up to the ride Steve Feehery was very indecisive, he didn't know if he was going to ride for a bit or just drive support for the two brothers. The morning of Steve decided to hop on the bike and take him to about the 85 mile mark were there was a stop at the Pasimet Bike Shop. At this point it was the longest ride he has done for quite some time. He figured why not lets keep going there is not much room in the car for me. After a much needed coffee he was ready to roll. As the miles ticked down t

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