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Early Season Test

Race: Great Forest Park Bicycle Race Pro 1/2

Plan: Our plan going into the race was to get into any breakaways that got away but we knew that the chances of that happening today were very low, so are backup plan was to lead out Michael Dutczak for the sprint.

What Happened: We covered most of the break aways that happened to go up the road but none of them stuck for more than a lap or two. Coming into the last couple laps the Wheelmen slowly made their way to the front and Michael Keller stayed at the front to keep the pace from slowing down while Matt Kelley and Michael Dutczak stayed in the top 20 waiting for the move on the last lap. Going into the final lap we were positioned perfectly but a crash messed up are leadout and Dutczak was not able to sprint but Matthew Kelley was still able to pull a top 5 for the wheelmen that day!

Overall Results: 5th Matt Kelley

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