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Early Season Test - David Crownover

Race: HF Racquet Club Indoor Triathlon (10 minuteswim, 20 minute bike, 15 minute run)

Plan: This is always a race to see early season fitness. My overall goal was to improve on last year’s numbers.

What Happened: Able to improve on all 3 legs of the race. 25 yards farther in the water (700 yards total), .3 miles farther on the bike (8.09 miles total) , and .05 miles farther on the run (1.80 miles total). In hindsight I could have pushed it even harder on the run, but I hadn’t done much speed work and last year when I tried to push it too fast a calf cramp slowed me down. This year, no problem. Overall a good test.

Overall Results: 3rd overall. Now I know what I need to work on for the coming months.

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