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Little Apple 100



We are back for our third time! A local race/ride put on by local racers/riders. An hour away from downtown Chicago. Only $35. This year, we will be bigger and badder. Bigger/newer courses, badder gravel. 73-88% gravel on 50, 100 and 150k course. What we lack in elevation we gain in gravel. Look in discussion for new info. Please invite your friends to “like” this event. The more the merrier for the post race/ride free beverage! New timing by One2Go. What does that mean? Results while you wait while enjoying that free beverage from

What’s up with the name “Little Apple” and King Kong?-The story goes-while King Kong was riding his bike from Hollywood for his gig in Manhattan NY (Big Apple) he took a wrong turn and ended up in Manhattan Illinois (Little Apple). Kong wasn’t happy.

Bike Reg

The Little Apple (50K) isn't different at all. Same course you've ridden before.

The Kong (100K) has changed. Previously, you rode the Little Apple twice for a total of 100K. This year the second half of the course is completely different. You'll be heading into No Man's Land, then returning to the original course and sprinting for the finish.

The King Kong (150K) is the Grande Dame of the weekend. You'll be doing the Little Apple course and No Man's Land course. This is a very challenging course. Rough estimate is 20% paved roads, which you're going to need. You, your kit, and your bike will need to be Present and Correct. Think of this as self supported. The winner (both male and female) will be crowned King Kong, Queen Kong, a title they will keep until the following year where they will have to defend it.

GPS maps will be loaded soon. We drove the course yesterday and there are long sections of gravel that are brutal/heartbreaking. It covers the entire roadbed and it's deep. It's strongly recommended you ride the course before race day.

The Roadhouse is very happy we're returning (feel free to use their parking lot if you're going out for a pre ride). The've upgraded the outdoor section, making the space more COVID friendly. We'll have a beer special. Food. Volleyball. Cornhole.

In the past we've tried to keep the Little Apple as budget friendly as possible by charging low entry fees. Each year we didn't break even. This year we've decided to charge $35. We need to cover operating costs, make sure everyone has a "beverage" after their race, and the volunteers get their free lunch.

We're going to charge $50 for day-of registration. Some of you may remember that chaotic scene the morning of the last (official) Little Apple. We were overwhelmed with days-ofs. It stressed everyone out and caused a delay in the start of the race. During these COVID times we simply can't have a repeat of a race day surge. Pre Reg makes it easier on everyone. BikeReg will be up once the permit is finalized

The Little Apple and The Kong will have USAC and Grand Fondo categories. The King Kong will be USAC only. We're doing this because the King Kong is a beast of a course and typically licensed riders are more accustomed to the challenges. If you're a non-licensed rider but you've been doing tons of gravel rides (we see you on Strava), sign up for a one day license and see if you can be King/Queen Kong for a year.

We asked ourselves, what does bicycle racing need this year? The answer, it needs The Little Apple. It's a return of a familiar race with thoughtful course selections. It's a tough day out if you want to race it and it's a challenging day out if you want to fondo it. Then, afterwards it's The Hang. Towel yourself off, redeem your beverage ticket and reacquaint yourselves with cycling brothers and sisters you've been dying to see for over a year. Let's get back to normal

(what's this I'm hearing? The Kong course may be designated the Illinois State Championship Gravel Race. You mean there's a State Championship Jersey for Gravel??.. Stay tuned)

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