Little Apple 100


A local race/ride organized by local racers/riders. 83% gravel course. 50% heat, 50% wind (forecast dependent). Supported and well marked course. $22 registration for either 100k or 50k, USAC or Open, includes chip timing and free beverage. Same day registration? Still $22.

New this year: Tandem Category


What is the course/gravel like?-
The course is 88% gravel ranging from hard pack to chunky and loose. Differing sections of gravel will be marked so you can be aware of what is to come. One apple on a sign means beginning of gravel! 2,3 and 4 apples on a sign means increasing difficult gravel. Only increases in difficulty will be marked. (No reason for signs if the gravel gets easier!)
All turns are well marked with high traffic intersections protected by police or course marshalls. Needles to say, all road rules apply. Proceed with caution trough all intersections.

We recommend 32c. It might not be the worst gravel, but there is a lot of it!

Why a 50k course and not 100k?-
Ease of planning/set up/volunteer distribution. Also a positive of having to do two laps for a 100k is tactics- you should know what to expect and use what is coming to your advantage.

Feed Zone?-
Yes. There will be an unsupported hydration station at 16 miles (half lap) with limited water bottles. Feel free to leave anything at the station you might want. There will be a feed zone at the 51k mark for the two lappers.

What’s up with the name “Little Apple” and King Kong?-
The story goes-while King Kong was riding his bike from Hollywood for his gig in Manhattan NY (Big Apple) he took a wrong turn and ended up in Manhattan Illinois (Little Apple). Kong wasn’t happy.